Graduate Certificate in Environmental Assessment

Our Graduate Certificate in Environmental Assessment provides students and professionals the opportunity to develop recognized academic credentials and advanced expertise in Environmental Assessment. The certificate is NOT a master’s degree. The certificate program provides excellent opportunities for practicing environmental professionals to stay abreast of new technologies and current government regulations. Individuals who already have a master’s degree and want to update their skills or those who want to broaden their knowledge in the field may be interested in the Certificate Program.

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Admission to the certificate program requires proof of completion of a bachelor’s degree in an environmental, science, natural resources or related degree. Experience in the environmental field may be substituted for students with a bachelors degree in an unrelated field. All applicants should have a minimum 3.0 grade point average. Interested individuals should be prepared to submit a personal statement, a resume identifying educational preparation and work experiences, and official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate coursework. To learn more about the application process, please visit our Apply page.

Admission to the certificate program does not imply admission to the degree program. Students in the certificate program are classified as non-degree-seeking. Grades earned as an NDS student will go toward the student’s NC State University grade point average. This certificate program does not meet the requirements for a full degree but in some instances successfully completed courses in the certificate can be applied toward a degree.

With proper notification, students are not required to be enrolled continuously. The certificate must be completed within four (4) calendar years from the date the student starts the first course. Awarding of the certificate requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 or better in all of the required courses. All grades earned in courses numbered 400 and above taken towards the certificate program are included in the GPA. The minimum grade received in any course can be no lower than a C-.


Technology Requirements

At NC State University, Online and Distance Education courses are offered and supported using various delivery formats. Some courses utilize more than one delivery format. The majority of courses are delivered via technologies such as the internet, DVD, or webcasting. Students with access to the appropriate technology (including the internet or a DVD player) may access these courses from their homes or other locations. Such courses make use of asynchronous scheduling, which means that students do not have to access them at a specified time. Occasionally a course may require visits to campus (or a remote location) for assignments or exams.

Courses in the Certificate program are delivered via the internet as web-based courses. Courses will provide content through an online Learning Management system such as Moodle or Blackboard Collaborate. Students will interact with the faculty through email, online discussion groups, and chat and video conferencing sessions. Additional technology requirements can be found on the Online and Distance Education website.

It is a good idea to go to ensure your computer meets the necessary requirements to view courses in Blackboard. On the same computer that you will use to participate, visit the NC State DELTA technology page. This page has links to computer requirements you will need, a link to configure your computer correctly, and links to online tutorials.

If at all possible, students should purchase a headset with mic that plugs into your computer (USB). You can pick up a basic headset for about $15 at an electronics store. Using the speakers and microphone built into your computer speakers causes an echo in the audio that is quite distracting when you participate in group chats.



Visit NC State’s Graduate Online and Distance Education Tuition rates page for detailed information about graduate tuition and fees.

The total Online Graduate Certificate in Environmental Assessment cost estimate (North Carolina residents) for 2017-2018 is $5,182.56 for all 12 hours of coursework.

Unfortunately, financial aid is not available for certificate students.



In order to obtain the certificate, individuals are required to complete twelve (12) credit hours of course work. Students can proceed at their own pace and may register for a maximum of six (6) credit hours per semester.

Students must complete four of the following six courses to earn their Certificate in Environmental Science. To learn more about each course, click the course number.

  • One of the following two courses:
    • EA 505 – Environmental Assessment Law and Policy (3 hours)
    • PS 536 – Global Environmental Law and Policy (3 hours)
  • EA 501 – Environmental Stressors (3 hours)
  • EA 502 – Environmental Risk Assessment (3 hours)
  • EA 503 – Environmental Exposure Assessment (3 hours)
  • EA 504 – Environmental Monitoring and Analysis (3 hours)
  • GIS 510 – Introduction to Geographic Information Sciences (3 hours)

Program Coordinator

Linda Taylor
Lecturer, Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources
North Carolina State University
Jordan Hall Addition 2223
Phone: 919.513.3972
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