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Registration Information

We must release your advising hold before you can register for classes. New students should contact Sarah Slover if they have an advising hold. After the first semester, students should contact their advisor. All students will use MyPack Portal to enroll for classes. You can find the link for MyPack Portal on the NC State homepage.

Enrollment is controlled by a specific enrollment date and time. You cannot enroll before your enrollment date is assigned. Access will be denied if you try to enroll earlier than the date indicated. You may enroll anytime after your enrollment window opens. Students with past due debts or any “Holds” must be cleared by the Cashier’s Office to enroll.

Access to MyPack Portal requires a valid Unity/EOS ID and password. Directions for obtaining your Unity ID can be found online.

  • Once you have entered your log-in and password, select “Enrollment” from the Enrollment menu in “Student Self Service” or the “For Students” tab.
  • After doing so, submit the information.
  • You may now proceed to add and drop courses by their class subject, number, and section.

After you enroll you can continue on to the information about payment of tuition. Log into MyPack Portal to view and pay your eBILL under Financial Info. You are responsible for full payment of tuition, fees and all other debts to the university and for clearing all “Holds” by the due date on your bill. Failure to pay tuition, fees, and all other debts to the university and to clear all “Holds” may result in your schedule being cancelled. If you enroll late, you may need to calculate and pay your tuition and fees before you can enroll in classes.

Creating a Plan of Work

The Plan of Work (POW) is a planning aid for you and your advisor. It must be approved by the Graduate School before you can complete your program. Ideally, the POW will be approved when you are halfway (credit-wise) through your program. At the latest, it should be approved at least 2 semesters before you intend to graduate. Waiting past that point could mean staying additional semesters.

To initiate your POW in MyPack/Student Self Service:

  1. Enter all classes from your transcript.
  2. Add all classes that you intend to take, and the semester you will take them. The POW must meet all the degree requirements.
  3. Add your advisor’s name on the Committee Tab as chair. There is no minor and you have no other committee members.
  4. Submit for approval. This button sends an email to your advisor, the Director of Graduate Programs, and the Graduate School for approval.

Note: It is difficult to change the POW once it has been submitted and approved. Be sure to wait until you are certain of the classes you will be taking and when you are taking them. For example, a student wanting to graduate in Fall of 2016 should complete his or her POW in Spring of 2016; a student wanting to graduate in Spring of 2017 should complete the POW in Summer of 2016.

Professional Project Guidelines

To complete the professional Masters degree in Environmental Assessment, each student must complete a professional project. The project shall consist of a capstone experience that results in a tangible product such as a position paper, teaching aid, instructional videotape, web site, on-line course materials, journal article, publishable literature review, lab manual, curriculum, etc. A project may involve research work, although typically this work is not as extensive or as independently driven as a thesis. The type of project selected to fulfill this requirement is flexible and may be conducted, for example, as part of a professional’s on-the-job duties, or as part of an ongoing departmental field project, or with a partnering agency.

Upon conclusion of the project, the student shall prepare, present and defend a final report on the project. The final defense meeting serves as the student’s final certifying examination.

Most students will take 6 credit hours of EA 665 within which they do their project. A typical and strongly recommended sequence is to take 2 credit hours in the first semester of EA 665. The deliverable in this first section is a complete study plan. This is typically followed by the student registering for 4 credit hours the following semester. During this time the student will complete their project, prepare their written report and schedule their oral examination. Deviations from this schedule are allowable with the consent of the course instructor and project adviser, however, except in rare instances, students are strongly encouraged to take at least two semesters of EA 665 for project completion (i.e., the project should not be attempted in a single semester).

The linked document titled “EA 665 project identification, development and planning” contains some information that will be useful for students as they choose a project topic, as well as a set of activities that will help them prepare a study plan. These activities and the study plan should be completed during the first 2-credit portion of the course.

Because the topics and formats of projects in the program vary considerably, it is difficult to concisely state the exact requirements and project scopes. To give students a frame of reference we have compiled an archive of past student projects. Students are strongly encouraged to peruse the list to get an overall picture of acceptable types of projects, but then also to read several in detail to know what to expect in terms of rigor and level of detail.

Please see the attached project paper guidelines for instructions on formatting and submitting your project paper.

NOTE: All questions regarding the EA 665 projects class should be directed to Linda Taylor, coordinator for EA 665, prior to the assignment of the project advisor. Students must obtain approval before enrolling in EA 665. In order to obtain approval, students must submit to Ms. Taylor a one page project proposal briefly outlining the nature of the project, including an approximate timeline of tasks.